Sexton’s contributions to the World Poker Tour were subsequently honored

There was another occasion when Mike and I happened to run into each other at a local casino. Mike asked me what I was doing. Incidentally, I just started writing my book on “The Art of Bluffing”. Some time before, I had encountered a poker tactic used by my teenage granddaughter, Esther, when I taught her to play low limit hold’em. While bluffing, he would bet very confidently; and to reinforce the stakes, Esther uses a reverse tell.

“How clever,” he smiled, then explained why it would work. Mike encouraged me to continue my business. I sent him a copy of my book when it was published. I suspect he used some Esther Bluffs along the way visit dewapoker.

Mike was awarded many awards during his life. In 2017 he was awarded the WPT Awards, the organization’s highest honor that recognizes the poker industry’s most passionate and vital members, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the World Poker Tour and the poker community as a whole.

Sexton’s contribution to the World Poker Tour was further honored earlier this year by naming the coveted WPT Champions Cup the “Mike Sexton WPT Champions Cup.”

“Mike served as a WPT commentator for 15 seasons and spent decades developing the game of poker around the world,” said Adam Pliska, CEO of the World Poker Tour. “His brilliant presence resonates with poker players and fans, all of whom will miss him on screen and at the table. Mike’s legacy will forever be a part of poker history. “