Raymer Explains What It Takes To Run Deep In Tournaments

Raymer Explains What It Takes To Doing Deep In Tournaments – The real trick is figuring out when is the right time to be more patient, in the sense of folding your current hands and waiting for something better. And find out when is the right time to play your hand firm, and take risks in doing so.

In total, whenever you choose to play a hand, it is almost always better to play the hand aggressively. One of my favorite training exercises that I teach students is the “No Call” game. While doing this you are entering the lowest games, tournaments, and the rule of this practice is that you never come on the phone. While there are many situations where calling is a better option, for training purposes, you should never call. The only thing is when newspapers aren’t an option.

For example, if you have a head and your opponent goes all-in, you are coming from calling, because it is due to choice choice. However, if there is a third player in the pot who also has more all-in player chips, raising is optional, and you must either raise or fold.

This exercise teaches students to be more aggressive, because they no longer have the passive choice of making calls. They can still check, fold, bet, or raise. They can’t call. Most were surprised at the few times they would normally call, now lift it up, and immediately destroy the pot.

Another big factor in this practice is that many players are too loose, and should be playing less. This exercise is on them to fold all mediocre and weak hands. And if not, then they should lift up with that hand, and try to bully them!

For all of us, we need to learn to wait and only play the starting hand which will be + EV (positive expectation value) for us to play. Another factor here is that this is not a fixed, rigid hand span. You can play more hands right from being late in judging the start. You can play more hands in certain situations, such as a large stack near bragging. Learn everything you can to make sense of all the + EV spots you share, most of them aggressively, and just fold the rest.