Dan Bilzerian Says Dan Cates Is Bill Perkins’ Top 7 Pros In High Stakes Poker Cheating

Dan Bilzerian accused Dan Cates of cheating on a private poker game staked on a mobile app between wealthy businessmen.

On Saturday night, millionaire poker fan Bill Perkins tweeted that he was being ripped off in a high-stakes game that would probably “make the Mike Postle scandal look like church service.” He said that the incident involved a player who “you would call a poker hero.”

Perikins’ early tweets sparked curiosity and popcorn gifs from many of the poker community visiting Poker88 as theories about the situation started to spread. A cheating scandal in poker occurred that would make the Mike Postle scandal look like a church service. It’s so hard to wrap my head around. I am very disappointed in many people. Some of you will summon poker heroes. 1 person / pro shows integrity, others are a complete flop #POKER – Bill Perkins (Guy) (@ ​​bp22) May 24, 2020.

At first, Perkins wouldn’t go into any more detail than that, it’s just that he was scammed by a top poker professional. He spent several hours responding to players who wanted Perkins to reveal more if for no other reason than to save other poker players from being scammed by the same person.

Finally, it was revealed that Jason Koon was the only player showing integrity and warned Perkins about the scandal, and that a separate player had admitted to cheating.

On Sunday, Perkins elaborated further, clarifying that the game is private and is played on a mobile app. A top professional playing under the screen name of a recreational player who is invited to the game in exchange for a slice of the profit. This form of cheating is commonly referred to as “ghosting.”

The majority of mobile poker apps on the market today don’t facilitate real money gaming. Any payments made to players must be made outside of the application based on the game money balance.