German Poker Pros Made $ 1,800,290 and First Winner Bracelet

Aleksejs Ponakovs lost most of his stack when his pocket ace crashed into a full-fledged house for Christopher Hunichen. Minutes later Ponakov had it all with the Q Diamond Suit 6 Diamond Suit versus 5 Spade Suit 5 Diamond Suit from Rudolph. The pocket pair defended and Ponakov earned $ 719,700 for their fourth place finish.

Shankar Pillai got his last 16 big blinds from the button with A Heart Suit 9 Club Suits and received a call from Hunichen, who had earned A Club Suit K Diamond Suit in the big blind. Both players made a singer on the flop, but Hunichen’s superior kicker was enough to send Pillai home to third place ($ 979,138) visit dewapoker.

With that, Hunichen entered the game with 10.5 million and Rudolph 21.2 million. Rudoplh built up an early lead, only to have Hunichen bounce back. However, by the time of his last hand, Rudolph had reduced his lead to more than 9: 1. Hunichen ended up getting five or more big blinds with the K Heart Suit Q Spade Suit from the button and Rudolph who was summoned with the Q Heart Suit 10 Club Suit from the big blind.

The board runs out 10 Heart Suits9 Diamond Suits 6 Spade Suits3 Diamond Suits7 Heart and Rudoplh Suits make tens of pairs to be pots and titles. Hunichen earned $ 1,332,097 as a runner-up finisher, the biggest score of his career. He now has over $ 10 million in recorded tournament scores.